SkillShare Premium enables the user to take online courses from professional artists. You can follow along with video demonstrations then publish your own work to the SkillShare class community. I have had a SkillShare Premium paid account for two months. I have used it rather extensively so I feel comfortable creating a review.  Overall, I have enjoyed my SkillShare experience. I wanted some more specific information on skills such as color mixing. YouTube has lots of great “follow along as I paint” type videos but it lacks instruction on the fundamentals  I was looking for. That said there are tons of great vlogs on YouTube to get you started and I recommend going there initially especially if you are short on funds. I will write up a comprehensive post on which channels I found the most useful very soon.

On to SkillShare. I will give a pros and cons list as well sharing the projects I did from my favorite classes.


  • Asynchronous Classes – Classes are video recordings you can watch on your own schedule.
  • Professional Artists with a talent for instruction – Not everyone can teach what they know well. My favorite Skillshare instructors are all very good teachers!
  • Affordable – I got the yearly plan which is just under $9.00 USDA a month
  • Lots and Lots of Content! – I have a growing class list that I can’t seem to put a  dent in. Extensive library on digital illustration, drawing, inking, watercolor, oil painting, art business, marketing, and more
  • Video tutorials are short – Lessons are chucked into short segments
  • Video quality is high – I have completed 20+ classes now and found most of the videos to be well edited and good quality
  • Instructor feed back happens – Most of the instructors will leave comments on student projects and will answer questions in the course community. (Emphasis on the word “most” as in not “all”.)
  • Project sharing – You can upload your projects and view other student’s work.
  • App – You can download classes to your mobile device for offline viewing.


  • Billing – I have read several negative reviews stating that it is hard to cancel the service. Also, several customers complained they did not receive a  warning email after their free 30 days was up their credit cards were just charged.
  • Asynchronous Classes –   Just have a realistic expectation of what you are buying with SkillShare. This is not the same thing as taking a live online class from a professional artist. Generally, students have a rather extensive level of contact with the instructor and sometimes live classes include a portfolio review. You won’t get that with SkillShare, however, live online classes can run into the hundreds even thousands of dollars. Skillshare is less than ten dollars a month if you go with the annual subscription. I don’t feel ready for such a heavy investment that live courses cost yet so Skillshare is a nice option for me and my pocketbook. But, I am taking a hard look at and for next year. I will do a write up if I take the plunge next summer.
  • Doesn’t have everything – Skillshare is weak on some of the media I love such as Pastels. So if you looking for something specific make sure they have it before signing up.
  • 1-800-? -As far as I can tell there is no 1 800 number to call if you have an issue you will have to fill out their help form.
  • App – The app does not enable you to view other students’ class projects
  • It is not entirely clear if the Artists are paid fairly. More about that here.
  • Some of the classes don’t have quality teachers – but it is easy to avoid these by looking at the reviews or lack there of.


  • Help – I can’t comment on their responsiveness to their help form as I have not had a need to fill it out
  • Scholarships – They do seem to offer them but I have not investigated it.

Bottom Line:

I have enjoyed my Skillshare subscription and consider it to be a good value.

My favorite classes so far:

Anyone Can Water Color by Yasmina Creates


Watercolor Magic: The Basics of Color Mixing and Color Harmony

The Anyone can Watercolor class is a great introduction to beginning watercolor and is the first SkillShare course I took. It was also my first experience with watercolor. I recommend anything taught by Yasinma she is fun to learn from. Her classes are short,  cute, and joyful. She is also self-taught so I think she understands better what people like me are looking for in Art Instruction.

Modern Watercolor Techniques: Beginners Level by Ana Victoria


Watercolor and Mixed Media

If you’re looking for new and different watercolor exercises these are the classes for you. Ana does a lot of “spacey” type art so she is right up my alley!

INKING CUTE ANIMALS: Explore the Ways of Traditional Illustration I by Sova Huova

I recommend all of the courses in this three part series. The instruction includes ink, water color, and gouache. Here are some of my projects from them.

If I peaked your interest click the link below to help support this site. Happy art journey!

Learn on Skillshare


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