Good Bye Summer, Hello Fall!

It is nearly Fall, the students have returned to school, the leaves are starting to turn, and September 23rd is right around the corner.  While I enjoy all four seasons.  I do feel a bit of sadness as I prepare my garden for the oncoming winter.  Watching the annuals brown and die while I gather their seeds for next Spring. Covering my shrunken away perennials in straw. These yearly rituals always for put me in a bit of a glum mood. Even though I enjoy sweater weather and pumpkin spice treats.  I also know the bulbs I plant during chilly weather will return Spring blooms in a few months. Today I gathered what will probably be the last summer bouquet of the year of Zinnias, Sunflowers, and herbal flowers. These were used for reference on loose watercolor florals.

Summer vacation can not last forever but memories endure. Here are a few images based on a Smokey Mountains vacation my family and I went on a few weeks ago.

Goodbye Summer see you soon! Hello, Fall!


Happy Art Journey,



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