Starling Murmuration Technical Pen

Inktober Week Two

Here are my drawings for Inktober week two.  I write more about Inktober and what it is here.

Day Eight Prompt: Crooked

Two cat buddies meet at the crooked tree in the pumpkin patch.

Halloween scene for Inktober , Ink and Watercolor

Day Nine Prompt: Screech

I couldn’t think of anything so I drew an owl.


Day Ten Prompt: Gigantic

One tree to rule them all.


Day 11 Prompt: Run

All I had time for was a quick sketch during my lunch.


Day 12 Prompt: Shattered

Naughty kitties chasing mice.


Day 14 Prompt: Teeming

A murmuration of Starlings.


Well, I am off to social media to see what other artists are posting.

Happy Art Journey,



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