Inktober Week Three: Almost there!

Inktober is an art challenge started by artist Jake Parker in 2006. Participants challenge themselves each year to create an ink drawing for the 31days of October and share their creations on social media. I write more about Inktober and why I think it is a good idea here. While I do have to complete simpler drawings on weekdays. I am surprised how I have been able to produce a drawing each day while keeping to the official prompts. We are now in the home stretch with a week and some change left. How has your Inktober been going?

Day Fifteen Mysterious

This creature is called a Vampire Squid. Vampyroteuthis infernalis is its official name meaning “Vampire squid from hell”. What an awesome name! It is technically not a squid at but a descendant of the animals that existed before Squid and Octopus separated into different orders. Having its own order  Vampyromorphida. This concept is a blend of mysterious locals space and the deep ocean. We actually know more about the Moon shown in the background of this piece than we currently know about the deep ocean. It is truly the last great frontier on Earth.

Inktober Mysterious Vampire Squid in Space Ink and QoR Watercolor
For day 15 I choose to blend two mysterious locations space and the deep sea. India Ink, white ink, and watercolor.

Here is a pretty cool video on these animals.

Day Sixteen Fat Squirrel

Just a simple drawing of a fat squirrel. This is based on an article I read a while back about the uptick in squirrel weight gain.


Fat Squirrel for Inktober Day Sixteen.
Fat Squirrel for Inktober Day Sixteen.

Day Seventeen Graceful

Again I was short on time so I just drew a simple graceful gazel.

Inktober Graceful Gazel
Inktober Day Sixteen: Graceful Gazel. Spectrum Noir, White Uni-Ball gel pen, and Pigma Micron pen.

Day Eighteen Filthy

If you are a parent of a toddler you probably know already that they can be quite filthy but they also have a habit of being creepy from time to time.

Inktober Filthy Split Paint Creepy Toddler
Creepy Toddler and Red Paint. Technical pen and marker.

Day Nineteen Cloud

I had a bit more time so I drew a witch out on a night ride in the clouds then added watercolor.

QoR Watercolor and Ink: Witch out for a Night Ride
QoR Watercolor and Ink: Witch Out for a Night Ride

Day Twenty Deep

Three small illustrations I completed on my lunch break in my itty bitty Stillman and Birn 5.5 x 3.5 sketchbook.


Day Twentyone Furious

More squirrel illustrations. A squirrel arrives home to find an interloper squirrel raiding her nuts.

inktober day 21 squirrels india and white ink nib and brush
“Those are my nuts!” An angry squirrel finds a thief in her home.

That is all I have for now I will post again at the end of week four.

Happy art journey,



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