Wink of Stella Review and Christmas Card Planning

I recently decided to go from not even bothering with Christmas cards last year to hand-painted watercolor Christmas cards this year.  Because this is a bit of a jump and I really had no idea how long it would take me to make the cards I choose to get started now in mid-November. I wanted something to apply over the watercolor paintings to give the cards a bit of sparkle. I purchased the Wink of Stella glitter brush markers in the Christmas Sparkle set for this purpose.

The Wink of Stella brush markers are manufactured by Kuretake under their Zig brand which includes my favorite inking nibs and brushes. I am also a big fan of Kuretake watercolor sets for their intenses colors and resonable price point. I will likely be picking up their Starry watercolor set for this project as well. The brushes contain a waterbase pigment that is archival. The Christmas sparkle set includes Gold, Silver, and Clear. The brushes are about the ideal size for brush calligraphy. It is a pretty affordable set at $12. All three are transparent but it is easy for the eye to pick up on the gold and silver. The clear gives a nice sparkle to just about any surface. But, if you rub too much you watercolors will reactivate.

Because I did not want to waste my watercolor card paper I did a few test designs on my cheap watercolor pad. My main takeaways are this is a nice set for what I desire to do and I really need to practice brush lettering.

Here are a few Christmas Card examples utilizing the Wink of Stella clear brush marker.

Snowy Pine Trees
Here I used the clear Wink of Stella glitter marker to add sparkle to the snow.



Here are a few examples utilizing the Gold and Silver Wink of Stella brush markers for Caligraphy. Oh boy do I need practice!

Ornaments ZIG Wink of Stella lettering
Wink of Stella lettering and accents

That is all I have for now.


Happy art journey,



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