Kuretake Gainsay Tambi Starry Set Review and Christmas Cards Part II

As I mentioned in a previous post I plan to spend my spare time in November making watercolor Christmas cards. I have wanted to pick up a Kuretake Gainsay Tambi Starry Colors watercolor set for a while and Christmas cards seemed like the perfect excuse. This is an affordable set at $12.00. The Kuretake Gainsay Tambi Starry Colors set contains six mica based watercolors five golds and one pearl. They come packaged in cardboard each paint is held in an individual pan. You can leave them in the original box or pop them into your preferred pallet. But, they are larger diameter than most pans.


The paints range can be quite opaque to semi-transparent depending on your water dilution.  They show well on both white and black paper. They should work really well for creating gold accents and gold brush calligraphy. The six colors are blue gold (no. 901), red gold (no. 902),  yellow gold (no. 903), champagne gold (no. 904), light gold (no. 905), and white gold (no. 906). The white gold looks more like a pearl to me. I am just in love with the champagne gold (no. 904). They do seem to be a bit tough to get going. They do not initially absorb on to the brush well. I did get good results by dropping water on the pans, letting it sit a moment, and then lifting with my brush. 

I have not gotten much time to play around with them yet. But, here are a few ideas I put together quickly last night.


I am looking forward to painting with these more and hope to post some more card ideas soon. I do wish Kuretake would offer a silver or platinum set now that I have seen what they can do for gold watercolor.

Happy Art Journey,



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