Spectrum Noir Glitter Brush Winter Warmers Set Review

As I mentioned in a previous post I had recently purchased the Spectrum Noir Glitter Brush Winter Warmers set. To create red holsters on reindeer cards.  Here is my followup review of the product.

Spectrum Noir Sparkles Packaging
Spectrum Noir Sparkles Packaging

The markers come in quite a few colors in packs of three and twelve. They are a bit bigger than the Wink of Stella brush markers.  There is a rather extensive Christmas set with colors like “Rudolph’s nose”. The set I bought had vibrant colors Starry Sky (blue), Red Berry, and Holly Leaf. They create very sparkly marks in person but be sure to shake them well to maximize the effect.  My three pack was $17 at Hobby Lobby so they are not cheap. But, they seem to have lots ink and will last a while. They are waterbased so use them over other applications as they will smudge if you try to watercolor on top. However, I was able to write over top of the dry ink with an alcohol-based marker with a fine tip.

Spectrum Noir Sparkles Winter Warmers Swatches
Spectrum Noir Sparkles Winter Warmers Swatches

They make great brush calligraphy but don’t work very well for painting. It is difficult to get a flat wash with them as you can see with the top image. But, they are meant more for crafts and they fulfill this role well.

You can squeeze the markers a bit for extra ink on the brush end and spaltter the ink as well.

Joy and Ornaments
Spectrum Noir Glitter Brush Winter Warmers and Molotow Liquid Chrom marker.

I did try to add them for details on a couple of small watercolor paintings. I used the red for cardinals and the green and blue for plant details.

I don’t regret my purchase at all as they did a great job at what I wanted them for red sparkly reindeer holsters. But, I don’t know what to use them for other than Christmas cards.

Reindeer Christmas Card

That is all I have now.

Happy Art Journey,



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