New Year, New Paint, and Loose Florals.

I have wanted to try Schmincke Watercolor pans for some time but the price point was a bit too high for me to follow through with an actual purchase. I was given some cash for Christmas this year. (Thank you, grandpa!) So I choose to purchase the Schmincke Horadam Limited Edition 2017 New 12 Half-Pan Watercolor Tin for about $70.

I was interested in this set for a few reasons: Firstly, it is an iAMart exclusive set. iAMart is a coalition of independent and locally owned art stores. When we support small art stores over big box stores we ensure a continuing resource of art supply knowledge that is just not available at your area Hobby Lobby, Michelle’s, etc. Local art stores are also important for regional art as they often offer art classes and promote the work of local artists. Secondly, this set contains twelve of Schmincke’s new colors that were released in 2017. As part of my Art New Years resolution, I am trying to be more experimental with my color choices and twelve colors I have never seen before seemed like a good place to start. Lastly, the case holds eighteen pans so I could add on additional colors later if I choose to.

Schmincke iAMart Watercolor 12 Set Swatches

I experimented with loose florals to try out this set. I am not the greatest a these but want to work on areas that I feel kind of weak on. If you would like to learn loose floral techniques I suggest Jay Lee Watercolor Painting or the Frugal Crafter channels on YouTube.  If you are a SkillShare subscriber I recommend Yasmina Creates or Amarilys Henderson’s floral courses. 

To start I randomly picked several colors for leaf and flower practice. I then basically filled the paper with floral shapes practicing my leaf and petal shapes. Sometimes it is nice to be free and just paint what pops into your head rather than mapping a painting out in advance.

Schmincke Watercolor

I then did some simple roses and a tulip. For each, I chose a three or four color pallet and tried to stick with it. The first rose on the upper left has some Magenta in it which I added to the set.

Schmincke Watercolor Roses

Roses Schmincke Watercolor

Lastly,  I did doodled out two watercolor wreaths.


Not perfect but I am hoping to get better with practice. Art is persistence!

Happy Art Journey,



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