A Very Belated Inktober Roundup

Unfortunately due to the move I was not able to finish Inktober this year. That is okay sometimes we fall short of our goals. What is important is to keep trying.  Here is a round-up of what I did complete. I followed the official prompts for each day. I go into more detail on what the Inktober challenge is all about in my previous post.  

Day Eight – Star – The Missing Pleiade.

The Missing Pleiade. Many cultures have the myth about the Pleiades star group that involves a lost star.  So it is possible that additional star was once visible to the naked eye in ancient times.  This is my personification of the missing star.


Day 9 – Precious – Little Lou and his Wagon

My son at the age of three in late October.


Day 10 – Flowing – Waterfall

A quick lunch break doodle of a waterfall.


Day 11 – Cruel – Death

A female personification of death. I wanted to represent her as both supernatural and part of the natural order of life. Thus the forest background. There is no life without death.


Day 12 – Whale – Sky Whale

A fun little white ink sketch on black paper.


Day 13 – Guarded – Mamma

A squirrel mom protects her brood.


Day 14 – Clock- White Rabbit

One more quicky I did from the hotel we stayed at while apartment shopping.


Day 15 – Weak- Death Head Hawk Moth.

We often think of insects as frail or weak but they have more strength than we give them credit for.


Well, that is far as I got. How did your Inktober go?


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